Earning The Light (ETL) -
Sacred Alchemy Training Program
Learning in the Style of Broken Boy Healing

Interested in alternative healing but don't know where to start?
ETL is a comprehensive 2-year program that gives you a solid foundation in most aspects of Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Journey Work, Intuition, Readings, and more.

You don't need any prior experience, and you don't need to be healed to take the training program. It is a self-healing program so you get to work on your issues as you define them, and by learning to do so you learn to Hold Space for others in the same way.
You begin by learning how to energy heal and you receive an Attunement to do this. After that you do exchanged with other students in class to practice and learn what works for you. Then you can begin to work on yourself and practice with others between classes to get better at it.
We move on to learn intuition, breath work, working with time, Journeying, protections, space clearings, stepping into destiny, manifesting, Readings, and so much more. You learn how to combine them to make for a customizable session for yourself or someone else.
The entire program is interactive and designed for your learning and practicing success. We introduce a topic, do notes, and then we perform a live demonstration of it. Then we do live Questions and Answers so that when you go into a student exchange to practice you feel confident. Teaching Assistants (TA) are always available to help you in an exchange and answer questions, provide direction, and they help moderate our online forums to answer questions you have between classes.
You will be assigned an online student account for the online version of the class where you can login and have full access to your live recordings of your class to watch again and help you succeed.
Best of all. You do not need to pre-pay the program investment up front. We offer an easy 24-month interest free payment plan that makes the investment of the program affordable.

Our lives change because we do something about it. We show up for ourselves.

Show up for yourself and Join Us.

Earning The Light - Sacred Alchemy Training Program: Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine

Learn the Ceremonies to heal your life, and dream your world into being.

Over the 2-year course, you will study 8 modules. They will give you a solid foundation of Spiritual Alchemy, which is focused on self-healing and can also be used to serve others.
Everything from working with intuition, scanning, energy, chakras, the Aura, healing, energetic protection, Journey Work, Animal Totems, Spirit Guides, Astral Projection, Akashic Records, and more.
From fundamentals to more advanced work, you will learn in an interactive format, following the Spiritual Alchemists who have come before you. You begin by learning how to identify your wounds, and then healing them.

No Prior Healing Experience Required

If you have ever wanted to explore and study Spiritual Alchemy in depth, you can now do so with other like-minded, like-hearted, and like-spirited People.

No prior experience in healing is required, as you will learn everything you need to know in class. All you need is a computer with a high-speed internet connection, and that has a microphone and a webcam.

This class is being offered online, so you can study from anywhere in the world Live, or watch the Zoom video replays at your leisure.

This is a comprehensive eight (8) module program comprising over 320 hours of Medicine Work over a 2-year period (16-weekends spread out over 2-years, Fridays 5-9 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9 am - 6 pm daily).

You will learn everything you need to become proficient at healing yourself, and beginning to work with other people as well.

Each module has an investment of $950 plus tax, and we offer an interest-free monthly payment plan over the 2-years of $316.67 plus tax per month making it more affordable and accessible.


Program Dates

All classes are online

*September 15-17, 2023

*October 20-22 , 2023

*January 19-21, 2024

*February 16-18, 2024

*May 17-19, 2024

*June 7-9, 2024

*September 6-8, 2024

*October 4-6, 2024

*January 3-5, 2025

*February 7-9, 2025

*May 2-4, 2025

*June 6-8, 2025

*September 5-7, 2025

*October 3-5, 2025

*January 16-18, 2026

*February 13-15, 2026

Payment Options

Choose Your Payment Plan

You may pay for each module in advance or you may enroll in the easy no-interest payment plan and pay on a monthly basis


pre-pay and save

Each module is $950 but when you prepay for all eight modules you will save $950 getting one module free. Regular price is $7600. 



Monthly for 24 months

Use this convenient no interest payment plan to make this program very affordable. You will be charged monthly with no interest.


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