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Aren't you tired of how things have been? Are you ready for how they can be? We believe in you. You got this.

Spiritual Alchemy is a Way of Life.

It is how we use Spiritual Alchemy to change something from what it is, into what we need it to be. Spiritual Alchemists' help you to take all of that hurt, pain, trauma, stuckness, and limited beliefs about yourself or what you are capable of and we apply this Alchemy to turn these poisons into Medicines to make you stronger, better, wiser, and more alive than you have ever been.

Unlearning who you have become takes work, and that is what we help with.

So much of our life can become responding to events that have shaped and formed us.

We are constantly reacting and trying not to get triggered.

It doesn't leave time for becoming who we want to be or getting what we want in life. In our wounded state we tend to keep attracting the same type of people and situations, just different versions of them.

You have a conscious mind and a non-conscious mind.
The non-conscious is much stronger at 95% of your power with only 5% of what you do and decide being at the conscious level.
By healing we change the wounded signal to a healthy signal.
That changes your life. Now.

In a healing session with us

You get to explore those parts of yourself that you don't know and help to heal them and yourself creating harmony and unity.

If everyone is paddling in the same direction with the same rhythm you get where you are going every time.

Your private healing session is an experience to begin to take control of your healing and your life. It is a conscious decision to create the life you want, not live the one brought to you by your trauma’s and what is not working in your life.

You learn the Spiritual Alchemy of Your Own Life to begin to process and learn from what was, and to create what will be.

We can meet online or in person.

I can meet with you in Kanata, Ontario or online using any technology from the phone, to Skype, to Zoom.

I see people from around the globe and will be happy to meet with you one-on-one.

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All sessions will automatically be set for Zoom and you will receive confirmation with a Zoom link for our meeting. If you prefer to meet some other way, or in person, there is an option in the scheduling form to choose in-person and it will provide you with the address.

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