The Prosperity & Abundance Course

Do you struggle with money?

 Never seem to be able to get a hold of it, or if you do you can’t hold onto it?
Is it always just out of reach?

Do you look at things and think

“I will never be able to afford that. Maybe Spiritual people should not want prosperity or abundance."

Whatever it is, it’s not working for you. It is ok to want, to have, and to share what you have with others.

Isn’t that the idea of philanthropy? To share your abundance with the world in the areas that you are passionate about.

Has not having made your life better? If you are not ok with it, then this is the Program for you.

Online Course:


March 7 - April 11, 2024
8 pm - 9 pm EST.



If you can't attend the class, don't worry! A recording will be accessible via your student portal for convenient viewing whenever you need it.

The six main blocks that people often encounter around money, abundance, and prosperity can include:

1. Limiting Beliefs: These are deep-seated beliefs about money that can hold individuals back from abundance, such as "money is the root of all evil" or "I don't deserve to be wealthy." These also include the stories and traumas of your Ancestors, Parents, family, and your own Karma that live inside of you and work their way into your life, decisions, and actions.

2. Fear of Scarcity: This is the fear of not having enough, which can lead to hoarding, over saving, or an inability to invest in opportunities. This is the Poverty Consciousness that can prevent you from getting, having, holding onto, or growing.

3. Over-protection: Working so hard to be protected all the time will pass up many opportunities for growth. Growing is the ultimate protection but it requires some risk and to use the skills you have to the fullest potential.

4. Negative Self-Worth: Personal feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy can impact one's ability to attract and manage wealth effectively. How you have been treated can tell you who you are and what you are worth, even if money was not involved. Our Self-Worth permeates every part of our life.

5. Financial Trauma: Past experiences of financial loss, hardship, or instability can create emotional barriers to achieving financial success. When you have made mistakes or missteps with money, it can prevent you from wanting to try again or be in the fear of making another mistake.

6. Resistance to Change: Some individuals may resist making necessary changes in their financial habits, lifestyle, or mindset, hindering their progress towards prosperity. Sometimes we like the idea of having, but having will require change. If you were not comfortable with it, would you remain where you are?

But what if there was a way to change?

Understanding and addressing these blocks can be crucial for individuals striving to achieve prosperity and abundance.

In this 6-week journey we will

Identify and heal all limiting beliefs around prosperity and abundance, and all Ancestral and Family parts
Get you into a prosperity consciousness
Create a 5-minute morning ritual and nighttime ritual to set you up for success in abundance and prosperity.

We will heal, resolve, honour, and grow in a series of 6 Sacred Ceremonies leading to One Ritual of the Spirit of Abundance and Prosperity.

Success stories

It's Your Mind. Get Control of It. Your Life, Your Results.

"After working with Miskwa I was finally able to step up and begin to offer my services that I felt called to in this life. I am now living it and being supported in it!"


"I finally got out of my own way and stopped holding myself back. I found love and a happiness that I did not know could exist.


"I was able to start choosing the right foods to help me heal and reduce my inflammation. I already knew what to do but couldn't seem to do it. Now I am healthy!


"When Pete told me that healing self-sabotage is the most important thing you can do because it allows everything you already know to come into play and be used, I finally got it. It was within me all the time."


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