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Spirituality transcends religious beliefs and encompasses the essence of our being. It's the recognition that we are all connected to a larger force beyond ourselves. Before we come into physical existence, we exist as spiritual beings. This belief suggests that our existence is not confined to our current physical realm but expands beyond it.

The universe is full of energy and life that is interconnected. It is a dynamic system that operates beyond our perception, and it is this universal energy that connects us. We are all made up of this energy that is universally present in every element of the earth. There is power in recognizing this higher level of existence and acknowledging that we are intertwined with the universe.

Spirituality can be thought of as acknowledging the existence of something bigger than ourselves, recognizing the interconnected nature of all things, and embracing the idea that our souls all originate from the same universal energy. Through this understanding, we can find solace in the fact that we are all part of something much greater than ourselves.

Life can be described as a universal force that flows through all things, connecting all living beings in a spiritual sense. This force is characterized by a deep sense of interconnectedness that transcends the boundaries of physicality and time.

The idea that life is one thing, not separate spiritually, is rooted in the belief that everything in the universe came from the same source, and that we all share a spiritual essence that ties us together.  Every living organism has a soul that is connected to the same universal life force.

When we recognize that all life is connected, we can start to see things in a different light.  We recognize that every living thing has value, regardless of what it looks like or what its function is in the ecosystem.

All life can be seen as a single force that connects everything, imbuing it with a spiritual essence that ties us all together. By embracing this understanding, we can cultivate a deep sense of respect and reverence for all living beings, recognizing that we are all in this together.

Which starting point is right for you?

These three programs are the most sought after Commitments we offer. Please reach out and discover how you can benefit either personally or professionally.

Earning The Light

Medicine Work

Discover how to transform yourself so that you can then transform others in this two-year introduction to medicine work and healing.

A powerful Starting Point

Angel Fire Program

Working With Angels

This is a two-year immersion to attain wisdom from our Angels, and learn to work with Angelic Guides to discover meaning, healing, connection, and power.

Connect To Your Guides

Quantum Shamanic Reiki

Not Your Mama's Reiki

Those new to Reiki, as well as Master practitioners seeking a higher level of mastery, often take this course to develop confidence and take quality training. 

Universal Energy

Year Three and Four

The Way of the Medicine Keeper

This program picks up where Module 8 of Earning The Light left off, and begins the new intermediary level of training in Medicine Work. All 8 Modules of ETL must be completed in order to apply for this program.

The Deepest Understanding of the Work

Ways of Healing

We are a Spiritual Healer. We also practice other pathways to healing. Each person has unique needs, and by using an eclectic approach to mind-body healing, each person can discover the pathway that is uniquely authentic to them.

Quantum Shamanic Reiki

Through spiritual healing and universal energy, we can apply the universal principles of quantum physics to create rapid and powerful mind-body healing.

Professional Hypnosis

When we reprogram the subconscious mind with new learnings and new habits, we can step out of the old pathways and into the new opportunities of life.

Meditation and Guided Meditations

Meditation is a time honored traditional approach to health and wellness. I teach others the most effective way to break meditations on non-resourceful states, and to develop a new potential for peak performance.

Spiritual Alchemy

Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, and Journey Work either alone or blended together can create powerful changes in your life as the root causes of things begin to resolve and you live a life that is full in the absence of those blockages. Beyond talking about it is Spiritual Alchemy.

We are a Holder of Sacred Space in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Our service is to work on the non-physical causes of things and resolve them using Spirit, Energy, and Consciousness. It is the Ancient Wisdom of the Universe that has carried forward since Time Immortal.

One-On-One with Pete Bernard

Schedule your first healing session with Pete Bernard. I meet with people worldwide and online. This is a great way to start your journey and discover the power of Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine.

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