Years 3-4 of Prerequisite Program Earning The Light

The Way of the Medicine Keeper

This program picks up where Module 8 of Earning The Light left off, and begins the new intermediary level of training in Medicine Work. All 8 Modules of ETL must be completed in order to apply for this program. All new teachings, and a deeper understanding of the work.

Intensive Class
(Mondays to Fridays 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

Module 9

The Way of the Elemental Healer, 
October 7-11,

We began in Fire, and now we must learn Earth, Air, Water, and Metal, and work with the Elementals to round out our healing abilities and complete the circle.

Module 10

The Way of the Medicine Wheel, January 6-10, 2020

​We learn about the Medicine Wheel and how to use it for navigating our tracking abilities and taking them deeper, and how to use it to heal in Ceremony.

Module 11

The Way of the Mazinaws, 
April 6-10, 2020

​Mazinaws are Symbols that are used for healing, and as Sacred Geometry, they restructure energy and consciousness to create healing.

Module 12

The Way of the Shaking Medicine, July 20-24, 2020

​Everything vibrates at a certain rate, and those rates create vibrations, and vibrations are an expression of the Shaking Medicine that determines what things are, become, and how to change them.

Module 13

The Way of the Seer, October 26-30, 2020

​Divination is the ability to “See” into the future, but not just any future. This is learning Healed Divination and Seeing, and learning how to heal things that may come up in it, and choosing a Healed Way forward.

Module 14

The Way of the Sacred Vessel, January 25-29, 2021

​Who we carry, why, and how, are a part of who we are. Here we learn to create and connect with our Healing Team, and how to work with them in a very meaningful and profound way.

Module 15

The Way of the Star Nations, April 26-30, 2021

​Where we come from and how we evolved is a journey of remembering our Souls, and who our Relations are. Learning from them about the Universe and how we heal and evolve is a part of our Legacy.

Module 16

The Way of the Manido (Spirit),
 July 19-23, 2021

​The Manido is everything. It is Spirit, it is why we do things, experience things, and what our take aways are. Learning the agreements and integrating them into our lives is key for us, and the Planet.

Payment Options

Eight Modules.
Two Years.

This is a two-year program with eight modules. Each module is $1050.


Pay in Full

Each of the eight modules are $1050 and the total cost of the program is $8400. By pre-paying you get one module free.



Monthly Payament Plan

You can spread out the total cost of the program over 24 months. This is a two year program. Interest free payment make this very affordable.


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