Healing the Spirit

The Power of Trauma Informed Spiritual Healing

Did you know that your biggest lessons, teachings, and Medicines are waiting for you inside of your processed trauma?

That’s right. The healing of our traumas is the realization of our Medicines in Spiritual Alchemy. Turning hurt into healing, the Alchemy of Medicine Work and what it can mean to you.

Trauma is a powerful force that impacts millions of people every single day.

It can take many different forms, from physical violence and abuse to emotional neglect and trauma. No matter the form, trauma can leave a lasting mark on the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

But, there is hope.

Trauma Informed Spiritual Healing is a Holistic approach to healing that combines energy healing, spiritual healing, Medicine Work, and Journey Work to help individuals work through their trauma and turn it into medicine.

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The first step in Trauma Informed Spiritual Healing process is recognizing the six biggest parts of trauma.

These are fear, helplessness, betrayalguilt, shame, and abandonment.

Often these feelings become embedded in the body and can feel like they are part of who we are.

However, through Spiritual Healing, we can start to heal the layers and rediscover our truth.

You can work through & transform

Fear into strength.
Helplessness into empowerment.
Betrayal into forgiveness.
Guilt into acceptance.
Shame into authenticity.
Abandonment into self-love.

Energy Healing is another crucial aspect of Trauma Informed Spiritual Healing. This type of Healing helps to rebalance the energy systems of the body, clearing and balancing the auric field to promote healing and wholeness. Energy healing can remove the blockages that hold us back and prevent us from fully embracing our power and potential.

At the same time, Spiritual Healing can act as a catalyst, supporting us on our journey of transformation. The combination of these two modalities creates a profound shift in our overall wellbeing, from trauma to triumph.

Medicine Work is the Ancient Work and Practice that was called “Doctoring”, and it involves working with the person as a whole. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually to work with all of the bodies involved in who they are and how they express.

Journey Work is Spiritual Imagination that allows us to explore the depths of our psyche, seeking answers and insights into our emotional pain. It is a powerful way to access the subconscious mind, where many of our deepest traumas and wounds may be hidden. Sometimes, we don't even realize the full extent of our trauma until we embark on the journey inward, seeking to heal and transform. Journey Work can be practiced in many ways, including through meditation, visualization, and hypnotherapy.

Trauma Informed Spiritual Healing is a powerful approach to long-lasting transformation and healing.

It supports us on our journey of self-discovery, providing tools and Medicines to help us find our way back to our true selves. Through the combination of Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Medicine Work, and Journey Work, we can find our way through the six biggest parts of trauma and emerge on the other side transformed and healed.

If you are struggling with past traumas, consider exploring this holistic approach to healing, and take the first step towards a brighter future.

Success stories

It's Your Mind. Get Control of It. Your Life, Your Results.

"After working with Miskwa I was finally able to step up and begin to offer my services that I felt called to in this life. I am now living it and being supported in it!"


"I finally got out of my own way and stopped holding myself back. I found love and a happiness that I did not know could exist.


"I was able to start choosing the right foods to help me heal and reduce my inflammation. I already knew what to do but couldn't seem to do it. Now I am healthy!


"When Pete told me that healing self-sabotage is the most important thing you can do because it allows everything you already know to come into play and be used, I finally got it. It was within me all the time."


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