A 6-Week Journey

Mastering Conscious Manifestation

Unleash your manifesting power to unlock your full potential.

The Power of Intention and Belief

The path to self-discovery and transformation is adorned with the pearls of our thoughts, intentions, and the subtle yet cosmic artistry of conscious manifestation.

Picture this – your very reality is a canvas, and you, the maestro, are handed the paintbrush of potential.

Each stroke a wish, each color a desire, and every masterpiece an expression of your truth in this boundless sea of existence. This is an expedition into the very fabric of matter that weaves our dreams into tangible beings, our hopes into veritable angels, and our aspirations into echelons of being.

Quite simply, you are The Signal.

What are you putting out there?
What is coming back to you?
We are always transmitting what we are both conscious and unconsciously. You are also receiving, but you can also block what you are meant to receive.

Online Course:


April 18 - May 23, 2024
8 pm - 9 pm EST.



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In this 6-week Conscious Manifestation course, you will embark on a transformative journey towards manifesting your deepest desires and creating the life you truly desire.

Each week will focus on a different aspect of manifestation, guiding you through practical exercises, insightful teachings, and powerful techniques to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your intentions.

Week One: The Symphony of Intention

In the first revolution of our 6-week odyssey, we illuminate the stark canvas of our intentions. Every aspiration, every beacon that guides the ship of our being, begins here. Yet, intentions are not mere thoughts — they are emotionally vibrant, detailed, and personalized. How does one set an intention that can pierce the veil of the universe and be heard in all corners? Join as we unravel this mystery and set forth a symphony of intent that resonates with the very core of our existence.

Crafting Your Intention
To craft is to mold with intricacy and devotion. Begin by being crystal clear on what it is that you yearn for and why you desire its presence in your life. Peel back the layers of societal expectations, peer influences, and egoic desires to reveal the pearl of authenticity. You are now ready to craft an intention that is personal, positive, present-tense, precise, and powerful.

Rituals of Clarity
Explore the diverse realm of rituals designed to clear the channels and focus your intention. Journeying, journaling, and silent contemplation are silent incantations that'll bring clarity and focus to your aspirations.

Affirmations and Power Words
Discover the potency of words strung together with the strength of personal truths. Affirmations are not only a source of strength but also a tether that keeps your intentions anchored amidst the tumultuous sea of daily life.

Week Two: The Alchemy of Belief

Now that our intentions have been sown into the astral soil, we tend to them with the water of belief. Belief is the alchemical ingredient that transmutes desires into expectations, the mere maybes into certainties. Journey with us in week two as we excavate the mines of your mind and heart, for here lies the bedrock of your ability to consciously influence your reality.

Cultivating a Strong Belief
To cultivate is to nurture, to foster growth. Challenge the self-limiting beliefs that may be hidden under the fertile ground of your mind. Engage in practices that strengthen the belief in your intentions. Visualization, meditation, and daily mantras are tools that till the soil of your inner garden, fostering a fertile ground for the burgeoning of your manifesting power.

Deconstructing Doubt
It's time to face the scorn of doubt and dismantle its walls. Question its foundations and unveil the frailty of its armor. Through self-inquiry and logic, we chip away the stone that prevents the sanctity of your belief. Transformation is inevitable when doubt is met with the unwavering strength of your beliefs.

Week Three: The Dance of Action

Intentions set and beliefs solidified, the stage is set for the third week, where we introduce the dance of action. Action, the celestial partner of manifestation, is pivotal in initiating the flow of energy required to breathe life into our intent. Join us in orchestrating a dance that harmonizes the physical with the metaphysical.

Inspired Action
Unleash a torrent of inspired action upon the fields of your life. These are not haphazard movements but choreographed steps that lead you closer to your manifestations. Trust the guiding star of intuition and act in ways that are aligned with your highest good and the fulfillment of your intentions.

Overcoming Inertia
Inertia, the resistance of the mundane, is the antithesis of action. It immobilizes the spirit and stagnates the river of life. Confront inertia with a battle plan of baby steps, with mini-actions that seduce the spirit into the flow. The path to conscious manifestation is paved with the footprints of actions, no matter how small, they hold the power to shatter inertia and set intentions into motion.

Week Four: The Visualization of Reality

Now that intentions are clarified, beliefs reinforced, and actions are in motion, we ascend into the fourth week, where we visualize reality. Here, we don the robe of the seer, painting vivid pictures in the mind’s eye, for the universe speaks the language of imagery. Through visualization, we converse with galaxies and create blueprints of our impending reality.

Journey as Higher Consciousness
Journeying immerses you in a world where your intentions are actualized. Through the senses, you sculpt scenarios as real and substantial as the earth beneath your feet. Embark on journeys where your manifestations are your companions, your co-creators weaving through the mundane with wonderstruck eyes.

Creating an Offering
An offering is a physical manifestation of your inward visions. Select medicines and colors that echo your desires and arrange them on a cloth. This act is not only creative but also potent, as it anchors your visualizations into the realm of the material. It offers back to the Universe your prayers and intentions.

Week Five: The Gratitude Elegy

In the next to last chapter of our sibylline sojourn, we invoke the Gratitude Elegy. Gratitude is not only a ceremony for blessings received but also a prelude to the grand recital of life. It is the acknowledgement of the quantum dance that brought your intentions into being. Join us as we sing this eloquent ode, for through it, a continuous flow of abundance resonates.

The Practice of Gratitude
The practice is simple yet profound — take time every day to acknowledge and appreciate all that you have, all that you receive. Gratitude is a lens that magnifies the beauty of your world, allowing you to perceive the richness of your reality with heightened clarity.

Gratitude as an Antidote to Scarcity
In a world averse to lack, gratitude is the elixir that transmutes scarcity into sufficiency. It is a philosophy that stands defiant against the winds of want, reminding you that the universe is abundant, and you are a child of its opulence.

Week Six: The Legacy of Manifestation

In the final crescendo of our 6-week masterpiece, we contemplate the Legacy of Manifestation. Each conscious creation leaves a ripple in the tapestry of reality, an echo that resounds through the corridors of the cosmos. What have you manifested, and what do you leave behind? This is not merely a week but a lifetime endeavor of conscious creation.

Sustaining and Expanding Manifestations
Manifestations are not stagnant entities. They breathe, they move, they evolve. Learn techniques to sustain and expand your creations, ensuring that they grow in resonance with your own personal evolution.

The Ripple Effect
Every manifestation you birth into the world creates a ripple effect, influencing not only your life but the lives of those around you. Be mindful of your effects on the collective consciousness, and ensure that what you manifest is rooted in love, wisdom, and compassion.

The Unseen Support Structure

In our 6-week expedition

We will have explored the terrain of manifesting consciously, a path fraught with challenges, yet one that promises untold treasures.
Understand that you are not alone on this voyage. The universe conspires with those who ride the waves of intention and believe in the castles they build among the stars.
As you take the reins of your manifesting power, know that unseen forces guide and support you, eager to witness the miracles you concoct within your heart and bring to life with your will.

Unleash your manifesting power and watch as the galaxies conspire to create.

These six weeks will have been a synchronistic dance across the wheel of manifesting. We have touched the essence of creation, danced with the serenity of belief, and communed with the raw energy of action. We painted landscapes of vision and gratitude and, in doing so, set the stage for a life imbued with the wonders that our hearts whisper to the universe. Walk forth from this digital sanctuary, a master of your manifestations, a wizard of your fate, for the only limits that exist are the ones we choose to impose.

This is your moment, your painting, your symphony. This is the 6-week course of Conscious Manifestation, but more than that, it is the eternal ballad of human potential.

If you can't attend the class, don't worry!
A recording will be accessible via your student portal for convenient viewing whenever you need it.

The email address you provide at registration will be the one associated with your account. Please check your spam or junk mail folders for any important login information that will be sent to you to ensure you don't miss any important updates or communications related to your course. Thank you!

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